Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Playing World of Warcraft (or, How I Learned To Play A Bull)

So I picked up PCGamer, and inside the DVD this month was a 14 day trial for World of Warcraft. I hate paying for monthly games and didn't want to shell out $40 for WoW and turn around and not like it, so I gave it a shot.

6gigs of used space and the next morning, I was able to play! This was due to a 500meg update that took over 6 hours to download, and it was already 11pm when the base install finished. I played a few minutes this morning, and then for about two hours tonight.

The only other real MMORPG I've played for any length of time was Final Fantasy XI, and at least up until this point (level 6) I haven't found a whole lot of difference. These first quests are all 'Get X number of and bring them too me,' which is all fine and dandy. I'm low level, so it'll be a bit of grinding before I start getting into the good stuff.

The graphics are very, very nice. The game is more colorful than FFXI, but Warcraft itself is more colorful. It didn't take long to create a character, and the different choices for creating the look of your character are more varied than FFXI. The cities aren't anywhere near as expansive as FFXI's are, but I haven't been to any of the main cities yet. I do like how there are smaller cities interspersed between the larger ones, and can't wait until I get the chance to visit the bigger ones.

If you have a character on 'The Venture Co', or I know you and you're on a different server, lemme know and I'll try and get over to play.

Character Stats
Coranth, 6th level Tauren Warrior
Bloodhoof in Mulgore
The Venture Co. server

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