Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Embarq +1, Time Warner -1

We're moving soon, so I figured I'd call and get some prices on what I'm going to be charged for TV and internet. Right now I'm paying $100 for phone + DSL through Embarq and cable was part of our rent, but I'm going off of a baseline price of $37 dollars that I paid Adelphia before we moved and before Time Warner purchased them (which steadily rose from $30 when I moved out when getting married).

Time Warner
Our television lineup hasn't changed at all since Adelphia rolled out new channels with their digital cable a few years ago. It sucks compared to Comcast, and even compared to other Adelphia offerings within a 30 minute drive. I hate Adelphia as a company, but maybe since getting purchased things might have gotten better.

Not really. Cable channels 2-70 is now $47 a month, and 4mb/384k cable internet is $42, or I can bundle them for $90. So basic cable prices have gone up $10 since I had cable and nothing has been added. Thanks Defiance for signing a contract letting only one cable company in at a time! My 1.5meg DSL was only $30 (I say was, see below). To go up to Digital basic is only $68 a month ($58 + $10 for two boxes), so the debate will be on how much I want to pay for something that isn't that great. More than likely the $47.

Embarq (Formerly Sprint)
So my call to Embarq was merely to complain about being charged $100 for phone + caller ID + voicemail + 1.5meg DSL. The lady who answered agreed that I was being overcharged as they changed promotions only a few weeks after I signed up for that. I now pay $67 for phone + caller ID + voicemail + 3meg DSL. Sweeeeet.

How much am I out now?
Before: $100 + $0 = $100 + tax
Now: $67 + $47 = $114 + tax.

So basically for $14 more I get 3meg DSL when all is said and done. I am happy. For once Embarq has done something nice.

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