Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ohio Linuxfest was great!

I spent the weekend in Columbus at the Ohio Linuxfest, and had a great time. The keynote ended up being by Chris DiBona since Jeff Waugh missed his connecting flight and did not make his presentation until after lunch. My schedule was as follows:

  • Google and Open Source (Chris DiBona)

  • The Integration Holy Grail (Jorge Castro)

  • 20 things you didn t know you could do with your Apache Web Server (Richard Bowen)

  • Flipping the switch to Freedom, Ubuntu and GNOME (Jeff Waugh)

  • Securing your Email (Stephen Swaney)

  • Open Source Zero Day Attack Protection (John Buswell)

  • Commercial Grade Security using iptables Firewalls (Doug Hass)

  • Life Nude Penguins

  • Free and Open Source: The Next Steps (Jon "maddog" Hall)

  • My favorites were with Chris DiBona, Jeff Waugh, Jorge Castro, Richard Bowen, and Jon "maddog" Hall, not necessarily in that order.

    I met a few great people, and hope to attend again next year.

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