Monday, May 29, 2006

Morrowind: Not quite Oblivion...

Because I know that minimum game requirements don't actually mean I can play the game, I've decided to reload Morrowind and play. It's not really what I want to play after seeing Oblivion on the X-Box 360, but I'm afraid that I cannot run it. Since games are not usually returnable after opening, I'd like to know if anyone has played Oblivion on a Radeon 9700 and how well it ran. Here are my computers specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2200+
RAM: 384megs
Video Card: Radeon 9700 128meg

It's a beast, huh? If anyone has run Oblivion on a machine somewhat like the above, I'd love to hear your experiances.


Incarlum said...

hey how r ya? i hav e a radeon 9700 and the game sucks graphics wise. i have to play at 640x480 i have a p4 2.6 Ghz processor with 1 Gb ram, i've tried al sorts of tweaks etc buit none of it works quite the way i want to. there are no significant changes. i hope yours runs better than mine. cya.

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