Monday, May 08, 2006

Nintendo: Wii love you

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Nintendo may be on to something with the new Nintendo Wii (formerly known as the Nintendo Revolution, a much cooler name). For the first time in years, I think I may look forward to playing console games again. Why?

The Controller
Perhaps the biggest thing I am looking forward too is the new controller. With the built-in motion sensor, games will be more immersive. It's been pointed out on other sites, including the one linked above, but take football games. The new Madden game will allow you to really play football instead of just select a play, and then press the button at the correct time.

Other games, such as FPS (which I loath on consoles) may actually be fun. Not to mention RPGs like Oblivion (while not on a Nintendo system) which force you to plan out your attack. More more hitting buttons to slash your sword, you actually get to do it!

The joystick expansion will let current style games play without any problem, but think about what could be put in there. No one really knows as Nintendo is keeping a lid on the possible new features of the controller expansion port, but let us hope that it doesn't get ignored like the SNES expansion port.

The Games
With the expandability of the controller, game options will expand. One thing that computer games have always had are the cheap, mindless games like those featured on MSN Zone. They are addictive without requiring learning how to master a game, pouring over FAQs and getting frustrated over a portion of a game. I hope to see more collections of mini-games as I don't have a lot of time to play games anymore.

Players will also have the ability to download previous generation games to play on the Wii. I would pay to download legal copies of old SNES and NES games to play on the TV instead of playing them with a keyboard on a computer.

The Future of Gaming?
I hope that the Wii takes off. It's the only new system that I am really looking forward too. Sure, the XBox 360 has nice graphics and Oblivion, and the PS3 looks wonderful, but will they be exciting? Will they get me to leave the computer to play console games again? I don't think they will, but I really have hope for the Wii.

Make me proud Nintendo, make me proud.

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