Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sun Puts It's Weight Behind Ubuntu

fak3r writes "Sun today announced that they are putting their weight behind Ubuntu Linux. While Ubuntu has been many people's desktop Linux choice for a few years now, with its Debian heritage, you can see what kind of server it could be. Slap that on the new Sun 1Us with the new Niagra T1's CPU, the one that'll have four, six or eight cores each, and go to town."

As they say on Slashdot, I welcome our new bright and shiney overlords. I only hope that Ubuntu, while being shadowed over by Sun, will still be left to it's own devices. Ubuntu is so far the nicest Linux distro that I have used, and I have installed it on a wide range of systems from a Thinkpad 385ED (which this post is being written on) all the way up to newer AMD systems. I hope that things only get better from here.

Slashdot Link | Original ZDNet Article

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