Sunday, July 16, 2006

Goodbye Vista

Well, it didn't even last a day. Not because of incompatibilities or anything of that nature, but of little annoyances that just grew over time.

Administrator Authorization
While it's a far cry from the 'It takes 10 steps to delete a shortcut', it gets in the way of everything. You can't make the simpliest change without it popping up and bugging you. Yes, it's in the name of security, but at least with OS X and Linux, they keep the authorization long enough for you to do multiple tasks. Vista seems to drop the authorization as soon as it finishes that one task.

Deleting Files
This could just be my machine, but when I went to delete a bunch of files off of a second partition, it took me over 30 minutes to delete 10 folders. For some reason, it would delete all the files inside, and then turn around and tell me that it couldn't find 90% of the files inside the folder, and if I wanted to create them. Telling it 'Yes' put it in some sort of cyclic deletion where it would create, delete, not find, and then start over. Telling it to 'Skip' would work after manually telling it to skip almost all of the files that used to be in there (if I told it to remember my answer, it acted like it was doing something for about 30 seconds and the dialog box would disappear without doing anything). This occured while emptying the Recycle Bin or doing a shift-delete.

Slowness of the Classic Theme
I don't know how or why, but the Classic theme was slower than the Aero theme. Vista started getting really slow after it rebooted this morning, so one of the things I did was switch to the Classic theme, and it was worse. Granted, using Aero without the transparency made Aero faster, but Classic was still slower than that.

Program Installations
Some programs that used an autorun front-end to do the installation (such as you put in a CD, and if asks you what you want to install), which die saying that I needed elevated privileges. Apparently Windows didn't want to ask me to authorize the install, and it goes back to Vista dropping the authorization bit after the current task was done.

So, right now XP is reinstalling on my machine since I found the CD. It may not be perfect, but there are less annoyances than with Vista.

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