Saturday, July 29, 2006

This week in Video Games

Greatest 10 years in Video Game History
A compilation of the greatest single years in the history of video games.

The List

Halo 3 is the End (XBox 360)
Halo 3 will be the end of the line for this loved FPS series. Can't find a working link for this story, but it's true, I read it earlier.

Opera Browser for the DS Tested... (Nintendo DS)
...and the results don't look that grand. Slow loading along with poor page rending (and missing Flash and probably other plugins) means that the web experiance is probably just a bash at the PSP and it's ability to surf the web. Will it be worth it? Probably not. (As a side not, at least the DS lets you use the stylus to navigate, really the only thing it has over the PSP.)

1Up's test of the Opera Browser for DS

Final Fantasy III Trailer Released (Nintendo DS)
Final Fantasy III is shaping up to be a very cool looking game. It will be nice to have a real RPG to play on the DS in true Final Fantasy fashion.

Final Fantasy III Trailer on YouTube

Hideo Kojima and Super Smash Brothers (Nintendo Wii)
Stuff about the Wii keeps getting better and better. It seems that Hideo Kojima will be creating the stage for Snake in the Wii's Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Can this game get any better?!

Hideo Kojima to create Snake's Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stage

And to round out the news...

Developers don't really like the PS3
It seems that developers also think that $500-600 for a gaming system is a bit much these days. If they and the target audience think that people aren't going to shell out that much cash on the PS3, the developers won't make any money off of PS3 ports or exclusives. Developers are therefore focusing their attention on the 360 and the Wii. Lemme go grab a hammer to put in this new nail into the coffin that the PS3 has built for itself.

Developers are steering away from the PS3

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