Friday, July 14, 2006

Zombies - They WILL Eventually Come

I recently finished The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks (yes, the son of the great Mel Brooks). I've been reading a lot, sue me.

My rational fear of a zombie attack is given even more ground by this book. The world is woefully underequipped for a zombie attack. Hell, I'm apparently underprepared for the day that the dead will arise from their graves (or the zombie disease will begin to spread, whoever it comes). Don't make the mistake thinking that the undead won't appear at your doorstep at some point and demand a bite of that warm, delicious brain that sits inside your skull.

I now have a leg up over the vast majority of you people. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I'll be the only one still surviving after society has been turned upside down by the undead menace. If you value your brain, life, and continued existance, at least start preparing.

Don't let the following happen to you (from Shaun of the Dead):

"[Coming across zombified Pete] "Ah! Sorry, Pete, sorry... listen, we're gonna borrow your car, okay, hope you don't mind and - ah - later on, if you're feeling better, w-we're going down to the pub, so you're m-more than welcome to, to... [whispered] join us.""

As a side note, I love the drawings in this book. They lend even more credence to the subject matter.

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